Charbray Association Australia


The Charbray Society of Australia provide on this website, a database of all registered animals.

To search for animals or members on the Database please follow these steps:-

Click on Animal and Member Enquiries (on the left hand side of the home page)
– this will open a search screen

Charbray Animal Enquiry

This screen will allow you to search for details, pedigrees, etc on animals within the entire Charbray Database.  If you only know part of the name there are special keys to use to help.

To search for an animal – click on Animal Enquiry - (say) Greenfields Goran – but you are unsure how it is spelt

GO TO Animal Name – type in Greenfields%G% and hit the search button This will display all Greenfields animals with the letter G in the name

If you know the actual name it is just as easy to just type in the name BUT you must have it correct – spelling, tattoo number if included in the name, etc – otherwise it will not display.  That is why the use of the % key is used as a wildcard to help.

Once you have the animal you are looking for – click on its name and it will display the pedigree, who owns the animal, etc, etc.  You can continue looking back at the pedigrees by clicking on the sires and dams in the pedigree that are shown in a colour (usually orange). 

To search for a member or members – click on Member Enquiry – this will allow you to search for members by name, type, location, etc.

If you wanted to know the members located in WA for instance just move down the screen until you find the section – member located – click on the down arrow and choose the state you are looking for then click search.

To search or look up sale catalogues – click on Sale Catalogues – Once the sale catalogue for Gracemere has been compiled and checked it will be uploaded onto the website and this is where you will visit it.

Click on the sale you are looking for and there will be the lots all displayed – you can click on any of these lots and look at the pedigrees, notes in the catalogue, etc.  If the vendor has supplied a picture that will also be available.

Note of Caution – If you are a member and intending to register future progeny of the seed stock you are purchasing, always check the animal is listed as Active which means the registration is still current and available to be transferred as registered at point of sale. If you purchase an animal that is inactive or not on the database at point of sale, you will not be able to register future progeny without proving the animals pedigree history.

Charbray Association Australia