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The Charbray breeding plan is flexible and modern.

Charbray cattle consist of animals bred approximately between the limits of three-quarter (75%) Brahman (bos indicus) and one-quarter (25%) Charolais on the one hand, and three-quarter (75%) Charolais and one- quarter (25%) Brahman (bos indicus) on the other hand, and any combination in between.

Charbray Cattle

The progeny of the following crosses are eligible for registration in the Herd Book of the Charbray Society of Australia Ltd (provided the content of these animals is within the specified ranges):

Registered Charbray X Registered Charbray
Registered Charbray X Registered Brahman (bos indicus)
Registered Charbray X Registered Charolais
Registered Charolais X Registered Brahman (bos indicus)

The Bos Indicus title applies to Brahman, Sahiwal, and Boran animals which are acceptable in the Charbray breeding plan.

Click here for full details of the CHARBRAY HERDBOOK REGISTRATION SYSTEM pertaining to the registration of Charbray cattle.

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