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Charbray Best of Breed.

Another notch for Charbray proves the solid position the breed has gained in the market
which has been amplified over recent years with the stabilizing of their genetics by Certified Charbray Breeders.

When the Charbray breed was invited to participate in the Norman Hotel’s best breed promotion the Charbray Society embraced the chance to deliver a Charbray branded article.

The Norman Hotel famously describes itself as "Brisbane's worst vegetarian restaurant, and the #1 Steakhouse in Brisbane." Put simply, they're passionate about the steak that dominates their menu. The competition was undoubtedly fierce with Charbray, Shorthorn, Hereford and Santa Gertrudis vying for the top gong. In its 4th year the competition asked diners to rate the steak on their plate with a score between 1 and 10 for Flavour, Tenderness and Overall Like.
The Norman Hotel’s best breed initiative has not only allowed Charbray breeders to proudly fly their flag, it is also an invaluable platform showcasing home grown Australian beef.

Avid supporters of the best breed promotion, JBS Australia, purchased the Charbray bred cattle out of Central Queensland and the South Burnett to be fed at their Beef City feedlot for 120 days. JBS Australia’s Denis Conroy said “JBS feeds a lot of Charbray cattle on grain and they do the job quite consistently.” All steers were killed in mid-August and then aged for six weeks, before delivery to the Norman Hotel. 

The Norman Hotels Executive Chef Frank Correnti, who is also a regular RNA branded beef judge, said he couldn’t fault the performance of the marble score 1+ Charbray cuts off the grill.

Charbray Society of Australia president Les Marshall, Greenfields Charbrays, Jambin, said the win was a monumental “feather in the Charbray breed’s cap.” “It is common knowledge that the more cattle are bred up genetically the more softness, fat coverage and marbling is attainable, and breeders can be very proud of their cattle performing so well and grading quite comfortably.” “We promote the fact that Charbrays are every bit as capable of providing world class meat to the consumer as any other breed, but this win proves that beyond a doubt,” he said.

The win caps off an impressive year for Charbrays performance and eating quality. The inaugural Charbray Feedlot Trial held at Nolan Meats’ Waterfall facility earlier this year saw the breed achieve MSA grading for 119 beasts out of 121 entered. Keppel Bay Sailing Club together with Yeppoon Central Meats went on to feature this Charbray meat on their menu and in their cabinet for the month of September culminating in a sold-out dinner at the end of September.

Yeppoon Central Meats are well known for featuring aged cuts. The Charbray primals were aged for two and a half months from kill date to being put into the cabinet for sale. Butcher Zen Kona commented “consumer feedback was excellent, customers loved the flavour and tenderness, you could not fault. I myself was blown away by the quality, tenderness and taste. We put many breeds over the counter however to say Charbray was popular is an understatement. We sold Rib Fillet,
T. Bone, Sirloin, Rump, Eye Fillet, Beef Cheeks and Beef Ribs, the quality was faultless. We would like to have Charbray branded meat available year-round as customers are asking for it.” he said.

Keppel Bay Sailing Club Manager Julie Strudwick said “we had great feedback on the quality of Charbray meat that was served on our menu during September, our chefs were impressed; no matter the cut we served from the Beef Cheek all the way through, Charbray brought tenderness and flavour to the plate. We had to turn people away from our sold-out gala dinner, our biggest ever held with 130 bookings.” she said.

The market already knows Charbray are the king when it comes to “Weight for Age” now we can add the eating quality gong to this versatile Breed.

Charbray Best of Breed.


Want Consistency ? -  Then purchase your Charbray Seed Stock from a Registered Charbray Breeder who has nurtured, measured and developed his herd to a selected criteria, he or she is going all the way and not just breeding a throw away product simply to supply a market and help cash flow.

Phone 1300 Charbray (242 727) for a contact list of dedicated REGISTERED Charbray Breeders

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