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Sales Advertisements - Charbray members are welcome to advertise sales e.g. cattle and semen for sale on our classifieds sale page at The rates are unbeatable - FREE - for a short promotional time, & then for a very small fee (yet to be determined) going directly to the society.

Single Webpages - The Charbray Society is also providing a single webpage for Members and these will be accessible through the Charbray website e.g. Single webpages can include your logo, 2 or 3 signature photos, 400 to 500 words of promotion text and your contact details. Single webpages are also free for a short introductory time for members (Note – a small initial fee may be applicable in the future to cover page development costs)

Member Websites

Here is a great opportunity to bring your stud promotion into the 21st century. The Society has arranged a special design package for members who would like to have their own 6 page website as part of our Charbray website. If you are interested in this website package, the Website Template Guidelines (right click and "save as" to save to your PC) are available to download here. All you need is some good photos, some advertising copy and your contact details.

This is more than an advertising site, this is your own personal internet web site that provides your own Internet Address (URL e.g. that you can quote in advertising & business cards & people will be able to visit your pages directly.
NOTE - Fees apply for Member Websites - Set Up , Hosting and Updates.

Please complete the form below to make an enquiry for advertising on the Charbray website. Set up cost is free & initial yearly fees are also free (for Sales Advertisements and Single Webpages). If a small fee is subsequently charged I can cancel my space for no cost. Sales Advertisements and Single Webpages can be updated six monthly for Free.

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Photographs and advertising copy can be forwarded to

For any enquiries regarding your advertisement application, please contact the Society.

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