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1. All Calves to be registered should be branded/tattooed with an identification number in addition to other brands (ownership, year, etc). This identification number will be used on all Society forms, certificates, etc to identify this animal.

2. When a member wishes to register his cattle, it is necessary to complete an application for registration, C1 form giving full details of all animals to be registered. This can be done at any age, however, different fees apply after a certain age limit (see List of Fees). This application for registration form is then forwarded to the Society together with any relevant fees for processing. Registration certificates are distributed on the 1st of every month.

3. The same forms are used for BULLS or FEMALES.

4. Please be sure to include all animal information – especially the names and registration numbers of sires and dams.

5. If using Charolais or Brahman sires, it is necessary to forward a photocopy of their registration certificate with your application and the relevant fee. This only has to be done once as these pedigrees are kept on our database.

6. All Brahman and Charolais registered females used as dams need to be registered with the Society. This is done by simply forwarding a photocopy of their relevant registration certificate to the office and requesting that they be registered on the Charbray system and enclosing the relevant fee. They will then be issued with a Charbray Pedigree number and their pedigree will be on file. When registering calves out of these females PLEASE USE THE CHARBRAY PEDIGREE NUMBER in the column marked ‘HB No.’ – do not use the Brahman or Charolais Herd Book number.

7. Please ensure the ‘Register’ column on the far right hand side of the form is completed – ‘Y’ (for yes to register), ‘N’ (for not to register), ‘D’ for defer – register later)

8. In the case of Deferred animals…recording is undertaken similar to that of registration however they are listed as ‘D’. If and when a breeder wishes to register this animal in the future he is to notify the office. (fee’s may apply depending on the animals age at time of registration)

9. When registering animals produced by A.I. (artificial insemination) or E.T. (embryo transfer) please write this abbreviation next to the animal name. You must also provide a Permit to Register Progeny by A.I. certificate for the sire if you are not the actual owner or part owner. This Permit to Register Progeny by A.I. certificate is usually obtained from the seller of the semen. In the case of E.T. a Donor Female Authorisation Certificate is required to be submitted at the time of registration as proof of pedigree. (both of these forms are available from the office).

10. When a registered animal is sold, and the purchaser requires the registration certificate transferred to his ownership, the breeder/vendor must forward to the office – the registration certificate for the animal sold together with a completed certificate of transfer form and the prescribed fee. This transfer is then processed and a certificate reflecting the new ownership is forwarded to the purchaser.


Should you have any queries or require further information, please contact the Secretary.

Charbray Association Australia