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Breed Productivity and Predictability

The selection of top genetics has long been recognised as a vital ingredient in any beef operation.

There are a growing number of producers who are undecided in which direction their breeding program should take after the initial stages of a cross breeding program.

When it comes to stabilising a crossbred herd there is no consideration more important than bull selection. After successive generations, herd bulls account for a large percentage of genetic variation in the herd. The selection of the right type of Charbray bull is extremely important in this situation as it will allow you to stabilise your herd and produce a more even line of progeny.

Charbray - Breed for productivity and Predictability

If you are careful about the genetics you are using and select bulls that compliment your female herd while maintaining extra muscle and thickness, then you won't compromise any of the initial genetic gains you have made. Breed for Consistency: know what you are going to get when your next lot of calves drop. By taking the time to select the right bulls that will compliment your female herd and using the correct type of Charbray genetics you will have much to gain on your bottom line.

Bulls with good depth of breeding are meeting market demands with more reliability producing a better
quality line of cattle.

Productivity and Predictability Equals $$$ In Your Pocket

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