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Toogoolawah Saleyards, outlet for popular Charbray Weaner Market - premium growth rate advantage

Toogoolawah saleyards

With a 40 year selling history, Toogoolawah saleyards, located in the Brisbane Valley region of south-east Queensland, has become a prominent Charbray weaner selling market.

While a large number of different breeds continue to run across the Brisbane Valley area, especially Santa infused types, the Charolais infused and Charbray cattle numbers have grown over the years. Toogoolawah saleyards attracts many different Bos Indicus and Bos Taurus cattle and the Charbray types have become a dominate part of the fortnightly yarding and annual weaner sales.

“Producers want cattle that are going to grow and the Brisbane Valley region has produced a generation of producers that recognize the importance of good hybrid vigour in cattle.”

“From my experience over the past 40 years in the area, the genuine Charbray is one of the best types of cattle for this region,” he said.

As a demonstration of the performance of Charbray weaner cattle which were purchased from Toogoolawah saleyard, Mr O’Brien used a recent example of cattle bought at the Toogoolawah Weaner Sale in 2008.

“I recently visited a feedlot in the South Burnett region that had just finished feeding 100-day grain fed Charbrays that were purchased out of Toogoolawah saleyards between May and July 2008,” he said.

“They were grown out on country in the Brisbane Valley area and entered the feedlot at 420 kilograms. They produced a daily weight gain of 2.4kg and the three decks of them will be sent to the processors this week.

“Majority of the cattle were milk tooth with the very occasional two teeth, so it’s clear these Charbray cattle performed extremely well in the shortest possible amount of time.”

Mr O’Brien was very complementary about the lotfeed Charbrays.

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