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2019 Results

There is no doubt that Charbrays meet MSA Specifications…

The annual Charbray feedlot trial is about showcasing the breed and how well they perform, particularly in terms of Meat Standards Australia grading. This trial highlights the benefits of a sustained Charbray Breeding Program with all entries being Charbray bred cattle.

Hosted by Nolan’s Meats at Waterfall Feedlot near Goomeri, the Charbray cattle entered the 100-day trial with a commencement weight of between 320 – 400kgs with milk teeth only.

At the 100 day mark the cattle recorded an average weight gain of 179.42kg or 53.33% on their initial induction weight. The notable data being, 99% of the total yarding graded to MSA specifications. The average MSA index score was 58.48, which topped at 62.48. Considering the Australia average index score is 57.78 we can confidently say that CHARBRAYS meet MSA specifications and at a much earlier age.

Charbray feedlot trial 2019

Gordon Stewart, GL Campbell & Co, Goovigen are seasoned commercial Charbray breeders who know the value of a sustained breeding programme, the family are regular patrons of the Charbray National Sale where they select top genetics to suit their vast holdings. This year’s feedlot trial saw Gordon and family take out the awards for best weight gain, best pair of carcases and highest MSA score. Their steer entry 29, gained 272kg during the 100-day trial and their entry 37, a steer topped the MSA index score at 62.48.

Nolan’s Meats, representative Emma Franz, said the carcases processed were of a high quality. It was a very close competition, with a very even fat cover. The Champion carcase only nudged in front by 1.5 points with a three-way tie for second place. John & Roz Mercers Kandanga Valley Charbrays steer entry 46 scored 73.5 points followed closely by Les and Anne Marshall, Greenfields Charbrays on 71 points, Gordon Stewart, Goovigen 71 points and Greg and Tracey Lee, Diamond L Charbrays on 71 points. The Champion carcase had a dressed weight of 318.8kg, eye muscle area of 90cm, EMA score of 7.5, 6mm rump fat and 5mm rib fat. This steer had a pH score of 5 and a 59.55 MSA index score and had a final value of $1,817.16 and recorded a 54.05% weight gain during the trial.

The most profitable animal went to Greg and Tracey Lee, Diamond L Charbrays for a heifer with a final value of $1830.11, with a $901.31 gain in value during the trial. It gained 152kg for a final weight of 496kg, representing a 44.19% weight gain. 

Data collected throughout events such as the Society’s annual feedlot trial are proving that a developed Charbray Pedigree is not only delivering consistency in progeny type but more importantly much greater heritability of those important carcase traits; depth of breeding will produce a quality line of cattle, figures show that the more Charbray cattle are stabilized genetically the result will be much less variation in fat cover and marbling.

The Charbray Society wish to thank Nolan’s Meats and all participants who provided cattle for this year’s feedlot trial which has enabled us to provide valuable data to present to clients of just how well Charbray bred animals perform especially when it comes to being MSA compliant. 

Charbray Feedlot Trial 2019

Our appreciation also goes to our sponsors, as their backing enables us to strengthen our support to the Charbray community.

Tom Grady Real Estate, CRT, Allflex, Landmark Gympie, Virbac Australia, Ag Solutions Australia, Sullivan Livestock & Rural Services and Corbet’s Group were all valued Sponsors of the 2019 Charbray feedlot trial.


July 2019

2nd Annual Charbray Feedlot Trial "Field Day" staged at Waterfall Feedlot, Goomeri Q.

Progress performance data was on hand and all were privy to the latest industry information from guest speakers whose expertise in their fields proved to be very informative.

A large crowd turned out, the common thread of conversation being, the outstanding performance of the Charbray cattle.

The Charbray Society of Australia sincerely thank our Guest Speakers and Sponsors for their contribution in making this event successful for all.

Guest Speakers from, AgSolutions, Virbac, MLA & Nolan Meats.

Sponsors, Tom Grady, CRT, Allflex, Landmark, Virbac, Corbets Group, Sullivan Livestock and AgSolutions

2nd Annual Charbray Feedlot Trial Field Day - Waterfall Feedlot, Goomeri Q


2nd Annual Charbray Feedlot Trial Field Day - Waterfall Feedlot, Goomeri Q


2nd Annual Charbray Feedlot Trial Field Day - Waterfall Feedlot, Goomeri Q


2nd Annual Charbray Feedlot Trial Field Day - Waterfall Feedlot, Goomeri Q


2nd Annual Charbray Feedlot Trial Field Day - Waterfall Feedlot, Goomeri Q

2019 Feedlot Trial and Field Days

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