Charbray Association Australia


The Charbray Society of Australia Limited is a non-profit organization formed in August 1977, for the purpose of recording Charbray cattle in a Herd Book, and encouraging the improvement, exhibition and sale of Charbray cattle throughout Australia and overseas.

The Society has its administration headquarters in South East Queensland and represents all Charbray breeders who are members of the Society throughout Australia and New Zealand. All decisions affecting the running of the Society are made by a Council of between 7 and 10 active members, who meet on a quarterly basis to discuss all matters pertaining to the interests of Charbray Society members, including promotion and marketing of the breed.

These Councillors are elected annually by members of the Society and results of the election are declared at the Annual General Meeting of members held in September each year prior to the Annual Bull & Female Sale.

Members are kept informed by a regular newsletter “Charbray News” and other communications from the Society as are necessary.

Charbray cattle are recorded on a computer system operated by the Charbray Society, and Certificates of Registration are produced for all animals recorded with the Society. Full details of the registration system are available under REGISTRATIONS AND TRANSFERS.

Membership annual subscriptions and animal registrations form the basis of income for the Society. Charbray Society members are also charged an annual Herd Maintenance Fee for every active registered female in their herd as at 1st January each year.

The Society is responsible for the promotion of the breed via advertising, organising promotional sites at field days, organising promotional items for sale, and assisting members with various other forms of promotion.

Charbray Association Australia