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The C1 Form is a list of all your Registered Active Females (24 months and older by the 31ST of the previous December), which you will use to record and send in registrations for their progeny for the following year. This list is printed annually (January) and posted out to members. 

HERD INVENTORY FEES AND HERD MAINTENANCE FEES –This is the annual charge levied by the Society on all females in your herd which are 24 months and older (including Foundation Dams). This Inventory fee entitles you to register any number of progeny (females up to 2 years of age, males up to 4 years of age) from Active Females in your Herd at NO CHARGE. (This does not include the initial registration of non Charbray C1 & C3 Animals - they incur a fee for registration)

Please take note the C1 Form listing is used to determine your Herd Inventory Fees and Herd Maintenance Fees.  It is important that you advise all culls or sales/transfers from your herd of females prior to 31st of December annually. The Herd Inventory Fees and Herd Maintenance Fees are charged to you in following January annually. There are no Credits for culls or sales/transfers received after the 31st of December that are charged on the January Herd Inventory and Herd Maintenance.

For example the C1 sent out in January 2011 is a list of all your Registered Active Breeding Females that are 24 months or older by 31st December 2010. So if they are born prior to 01.01.08 they will be on your C1 Form. From January 2011 to December 2011 you will use this form to register their progeny or to cull from your herd of females. In January 2012 you will receive a new C1 Form of all your Registered Active Breeding Females and will be charged your Herd Inventory and Herd Maintenance from this list.

It is very important to keep your herd records up to date as if a cull, sale/transfer has not being processed by (for example December 2010) you will be charged your Herd Inventory and Herd Maintenance on these animals in January 2011. There are no credits for late culls and sales/transfers.

In November, prior to the deadline (31st December for C1 form amendments) you will receive a separate Active female list that will give you the opportunity to amend/ cull any Active Females from your Herd.

Important Note – All Brahman and Charolais Registered Females/Males used as Dams/Sires, need to be Registered with the Charbray Society. This is done by forwarding a photocopy of their relevant Brahman or Charolais Registration Certificates to the office with a request that they be registered (Fees Apply) These animals cannot be processed without the required Braham or Charolais Registration Certificate.

Transfers –The Vendor must submit to the office the Original Registration Certificate with the back transfer section completed and signed, with the appropriate transfer fees. Please insure Females Transfers have details completed if they have been running with one of your bulls or have a Calf at foot. The office will process the transfer and forward the original Registration Certificate onto the buyer. (Transfers cannot be processed without the correct paperwork and fees) Please Note – If you have an old registration Certificate it may not have the transfer facility on the back, in this case please fill in the old transfer form and submit to the office. (Available from the office if required)

Please refer to the Regulations regarding Calf at Foot Transfers.
Section 6 (C) (D) (E) of the Regulations

(c) If a female be sold or otherwise disposed of and it has a branded calf at foot, the vendor shall for this purpose be deemed the first owner, and shall be responsible for the registration of the calf.

(d) In the case of an animal not already registered in the Herd Book, an application for its registration must accompany the official Certificate of Transfer, except for unbranded calves at foot under the age of three months, which may be transferred on the same certificate as their dam, and may be registered by the transferee.

(e) The transferor shall pay the prescribed fees in respect of each transfer.

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