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The Charbray is the versatile beef breed combining the hardiness and tick resistance of the Brahman with the lean beef characteristics and docile temperament of the Charolais.

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Low Birth Weights = No calving problems

Charbray-sired calves are small at birth, however, they maximise hybrid vigour with rapid post-birth growth and have outstanding feed-converting ability and weaning weights.

Top performance = increased returns

Whether fed on grain or grass, Charbrays perform with top feed conversion rates, excellent weight gain and an ideal carcase. Charbrays return premium prices whether sold as weaners, stores or finished cattle, and are in great demand from feedlotters, processors and for the live cattle trade.


The Charbray female has the ability to get in calf under stress conditions while still rearing a calf with high carcase quality.

Flexible Breeding Plan

The Charbray breeding is flexible and modern. The (Brahman) bos indicus content can be increased to cope with a harsher environment or similarly, reduced in softer environments. The Regulations of the Society allow breeders to introduce either the Brahman or Charolais breed at any stage of the breeding program to refresh the desired attributes of that respective breed.

Full details of the Breeding Plan available under this heading.

Charbray Cows and Calves.

Tolerance to heat and parasites

The bos indicus infusion in Charbrays maintains their hardiness and tick resistance. One of their most desirable attributes is their foraging ability under drought conditions and their quick response to improved seasonal conditions.

Ideal for crossbreeding

Charbrays present a favourable option for increased returns when crossed with British, European or Brahman (bos indicus) herds.

In tropical areas, Charbrays will maintain the heat, drought and parasite and parasite tolerance of a herd while boosting the growth rate and carcase quality of their progeny.

Carcase quality

Charbrays produce carcases which are heavy, high-yielding and suitable to all markets, especially the export market.

Charbrays have been consistent winners in hoof and hook competitions over many years.

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