Charbray Association Australia


FEE SCHEDULE (2022 Update)

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (1st July billing)

Active Membership
Commercial Membership
Associate Membership
Junior Membership
Membership Application Entrance Fee (Once Only Fee)



Charbray Bulls – Up to 2 years of age:
No Charge
Charbray Bulls – Over 2 years & under 3 years of age:
Charbray Bulls – Over 3 years of age /Charolais & Brahman Bulls - any age):
Charbray Females – Up to 2 years of age:
No Charge
Females (CC, BB, Commercial Charbray) – Up to 2 years of age:
Females (CC, BB, Charbray) – 2 years & up to 3 years of age:
Females (CC, BB, Charbray) – 3 years of age and over:
Reinstate Inactive Female $132
Animals produced from natural mating using borrowed or leased parents:
Animals produced by artificial insemination:
Animals produced by embryo transfer:
New Members within 3mths of joining can introduce Charbray cattle (any age) onto the database @$13.20/head


Where the Registrar is required to perform extra investigation to source correct paperwork to adhere to the Societies Regulations to complete registrations, a quote will be supplied of costs that will be incurred over and above the standard fees.

TRANSFER FEES (To be processed within 60 days of sale)

Registered bulls &  females (within 60days of sale date)
Late Transfer fee (over 60days of sale date)



Re-Issue Registration Certificate or Correction Only
Certificate Correction & Re-Issue



1 to 50 Head
$22.00 per/head
51 to 100 Head
$18.70 per/head
101 to 150 Head
$17.60 per/head
151 plus Head
$16.50 per/head
Late Cull Fee - (received after 30th November & prior to 31st December after which full fees apply)
$ 4.40 per/head

The Annual Herd Inventory Fee and Herd Maintenance Fee is calculated based on the number of registered active females in the herd aged 24 months and over as of 1st of December annually. This Inventory Fee entitles you to register any number of progeny (up to 2 years of age) from active females in your herd at NO CHARGE.

This does not include the initial registration of non-Charbray Foundation Animals which will incur a fee for registration.


Fees marked ** Discounts, if you meet the below criteria. Excluding Inspected Animals  
Discounts apply due to the number of Active Females in your Herd as of your last Herd Inventory Billing Total.

151+ - $13.20 per/head
101 – $26.40 per/head
  51 – $39.60 per/head

Download the Charbray Society of Australia - 2022 Fees (81 KB PDF file)
To download and print a copy of the 2019 fees, right mouse click on the following link and select "Save Target As"

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