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This registration system is very flexible. The only governing factor is the content of Purebred Charbray progeny must fall within the range of ¾ - ¼ (75% - 25 %) either way or any content in between.  

1/2 - 1/2 is 50%:50% (Charolais content first, then Brahman then *Other)
1/4 - 3/4 is 25%:75% (¼ Charolais, ¾ Brahman)                          
5/8 – 3/8 is 63%:38%

(Note:  *Other content occurs when a FD1 Registered (Base) female is used in the program)

There are two options to using (Base) Dams.

Option 1 – Registered Brahman or Charolais Females, grade D, E and F (registered with the relevant breed society) are registered with the Charbray Society as FD3 Registered Dams. NOTE:-  Providing that the content is acceptable as above these progeny (both male and female) are admitted directly into the herd book.

Option 2 – Females which are the progeny of a Registered Charolais, Brahman or Charbray bull and an unregistered Brahman, Charolais and Charbray female may be registered as FD1 Dams.

Progeny of FD3 Females by Registered Charbray, Charolais or Brahman bulls can be registered as pedigree into the herdbook providing they conform with the required content.

How to Calculate CONTENT:

Example 1 CC   BB Other
Charolais Registered Sire 100% 0 0
Brahman Registered Dam 0 100% 0
Add each category 100% 100% 0
Divide by 2 for the calf 50% 50% 0
Example 2 CC   BB Other
Charolais Registered Sire 100% 0 0
Brahman Registered Dam 50% 50% 0
Add each category 150% 50% 0
Divide by 2 for the calf 75% 25% 0
Example 3 CC   BB Other
Brahman Registered Sire 0 100% 0
Charbray Foundation Dam 50% 44% 6%
Add each category 50% 144% 6
Divide by 2 for the calf 25% 72% 3%

In addition to this information the following needs to be noted:-
If a calf resulting from the joining of a registered Charbray Female and a registered Charolais or Brahman bull results in content greater than 75% then that calf is registered as a FD3. (Charbray mating will never break content)

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