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Judge praises Charbrays as a stand out in pasturefed exhibits at Beef Australia 2015 Commerical Cattle Competition.

From 1200 overall entries Charbrays took home both the Champion Pasturefed Steers and Champion Pasturefed Heifers Prize. Congratulations to the Nobbs family and Cordelia Charbrays.

Beef Australia 2015 Champion Peof Pastured Heifers - Chas & Phillip Nobbs.
Chas & Phillip Nobbs with their Beef Australia 2015 Champion Pen of Pasturefed Heifers.
Image captured by QCL

Beef Australia 2015 Grand Champion Bull - Huntington Jeremiah

Congratulations Huntington Charbrays from Welsh Cattle Co., Beef Australia 2015 Grand Champion Bull, Huntington Jeremiah.

Beef Australia 2015 Grand Champion Female - Colinta Harmony

Congratulations Colinta Charbrays from Colinta Holdings P/L., Beef Australia 2015 Grand Champion Female, Colinta Harmony.


By Louise Golden

Charbrays at Beef 2015.

The Charbray Society of Australia is priming itself in readiness for Australia’s most prestigious cattle industry event, Beef Australia 2015 (May 4-9).  Set to attract thousands of local, interstate and overseas visitors, this triennial event provides a launch pad for the Society to showcase to the world the many great features and achievements of the Charbray breed. Visitors are invited to see firsthand what it is that makes Charbray the breed of choice for an ever growing number of cattlemen and learn how the breed has evolved to achieve such popularity.

The creation of a Charbray Society Trademark, to be launched at Beef 2015, is just one example of a recent milestone that the Society is proud to promote. The trademark will allow Charbray Society members to promote their cattle as a ‘genuine article’ while providing customers with total confidence in their purchase. Accompanying the launch will be a presentation by a representative from one of the Society’s key sponsors, ANZ, on the topic of Global Beef Opportunities. This all takes place within the Society’s ring-side trade site (P21 & P22) at 5pm on the Tuesday of the Beef 15 celebrations.

Charbray Society of Australia president Paul Connor said Beef 15 provides an immense opportunity for visitors from all walks of life and regardless of their previous involvement, to enjoy an interactive experience and witness the greatness of the breed and its many achievements.

“This is our turn to shine, to showcase the breed in a variety of ways and cement our claim to being one of the best,” Mr Connor said.

The greatness of the breed will be shown through the Charbray Society’s inaugural Image Competition which culminates at Beef 2015 with part of the Society’s trade site doubling as an art gallery to display the 20 top images. This competition provides members the opportunity to reveal their creative selves while celebrating in art form the best of their Charbray stock.

The Charbray Society is once again the proud sponsor of the prestigious School Teams Charbray judging event, with Society Councillor Kerod Lindley coordinating this ever-popular event scheduled for 8am on the Monday in the main ring. Having supported the School Teams judging since Beef’s inception, the Charbray Society sees their involvement in this event as a means of ‘giving back’ something to the cattle industry, via the younger generation. The event has evolved to include teams comprising four students each from about 35 schools across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Mr Lindley said this event was a very valuable opportunity in which students are assessed on their ability to evaluate cattle as well as on their speaking ability and overall presentation.

Shed tours, another new concept for the Charbray Society, will provide yet another means of promoting the breed. These tours will kick off from the Society’s ringside trade sites where visitors can speak to breeders and learn about the history of the breed and where its sits in today’s environment, before proceeding to the cattle sheds for an up-close look and further evaluation of the breed. The tours are scheduled for 11 am and 2 pm on the Wednesday and Thursday as well as 11am on the Friday.

Last, but by no means least is the Charbray Stud Cattle competition which this year has attracted 60 entries providing a huge pool of genetic talent to be paraded to existing and potential breed supporters and consumers. Acclaimed cattleman Andrew Chapman has the unenviable task of judging the winners from this strong field.  Mr Chapman, a fourth generation stud and commercial cattleman based at Rowanlea, near Calliope is a highly experienced judge whose talents have been sought at regional and Royal Shows across three states.

“It’s a big commitment, particularly given the droughts and floods that many entrants have experienced in recent months, to make the effort to support events such as this.  The Society is extremely mindful of their contribution but we know that this effort is well worthwhile,” Mr Connor said.

Whilst there will be no direct selling of Charbray cattle at Beef 2015, a  strong representation of commercial Charbray cattle is expected to be on offer at the Central Queensland Livestock Complex on the Monday of Beef 2015.

Grand Champion Bull, Beef Australia 2015, Huntington Jeremiah
Grand Champion Bull, Beef Australia 2015, Huntington Jeremiah

Grand Champion Female, Beef Australia 2015, Colinta Harmony
Grand Champion Female, Beef Australia 2015, Colinta Harmony

Beef Australia 2015

Beef Australia 2015

Beef Australia 2015

Beef Australia 2015

Beef Australia 2015

Beef Australia 2015

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