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New Breed Record
Rosewood Charbrays tops 43rd National Charbray Sale @ $40 000

Congratulations to Paul Connor & Family, Rosewood Charbrays Morinish Qld

Rosewood Charbrays - Rosewood Napoleon at 43rd National Charbray Sale - 2020.

Vendor Paul Connor, Rosewood Charbrays, Elders selling agent Robert Murray and buyers Ted and Elizabeth Euston, Gympie, with Rosewood Napoleon which sold for $40,000

Demand high from buyers seeking quality genetics from Certified Charbray Breeders

Extract QCL by Ben Harden

The strong demand for consistency from buyers saw 54 Charbray bulls go under the hammer for a 100 per cent clearance at the 43rd National Charbray bull sale on Monday the 28th of September.

Vendors and buyers from across the country travelled to the CQLX Saleyards at Gracemere, with bull prices reaching a top of $40,000 and averaging $8880.

The growing popularity of the Charbray breed was prevalent, considering last year's results had the top price bull at $26,000 and an average of $7186 for an 87 per cent clearance through the ring.

Claiming the top price of $40,000 was 23-month-old dehorned Charbray bull Rosewood Napoleon, offered by Paul Connor, Rosewood Charbrays, Morinish, and purchased by Ted and Elizabeth Euston, Gympie.

The son of Rosewood Thirsty weighed in at 825kg with P8 and rib fat measurements of 9mm and 6mm respectively, an eye muscle area of 140sq cm and a 39cm scrotal circumference.

The Rosewood draft averaged $15,500, selling four Charbray bulls with a 100 per cent clearance.

Paul Connor said his family have been selling cattle at the national sale for the past 15 years and were very proud of their results and to see Rosewood Napolen fetch the top price.

"It's amazing, it's an amazing feeling because there's a lot of other people out there with better genetics and have been breeding cattle a lot longer than I have, so it's very humbling," Mr Connor said.

"He's an excellent bull, the kind of bull I like, he's got a smooth tropical coat and a bit of content about him and the type of bull I've been striving to breed.

"It's nice that someone else likes something that I breed.

"I really appreciated the bull, I just hoped other people did and it was good that they did."

The Connor family run a commercial operation consisting of 750 breeders as well as small Charbray and Droughtmaster studs.

Charbray Society of Australia president Matt Welsh, Huntington Charbrays, said Monday's results were a testament to the fast growing Charbray interest.

"It was a very successful sale, as I have been saying over and over again, we've got a pattern of good quality cattle coming through," Mr Welsh said.

"The national sale is our shop window for the breed and we've got some real cattlemen coming in and having a look at what the society is doing."

Mr Welsh said the breed was forging ahead, with the once standard two-breed cross becoming a consistently performing and common sense option for producers.

"We've got clients that have been early to move and cross with either our parent breeds and now consolidating that back into a stabilized Charbray operation," Mr Welsh said.

"The consistency of not just your type of animal but the muscling, fat covers and traits that are really coming forward are shown in the scans of the cattle today.


Wattlebray tops 42nd National Charbray Sale @ $26 000

Momentum continues as Charbray's popularity grows with buyers seeking quality genetics from Certified Charbray Breeders..

The 42nd National Charbray Sale topped at $26 000 with a solid average of $7186, an 87% clearance was seen through the ring however buyers were quickly out the back post sale to grab the Bulls they let slip through...

Congratulations to Trevor & Lolita Ford, Wattlebray Charbrays who topped the sale at $26 000. Chas & Judy Nobbs of Cordelia Charbrays purchased 25 mth old Wattlebray Navman. The Wattlebray draft averaged $7807.

Wattlebray Charbrays tops 42nd National Sale.


Extract QCL By Victoria Nugent

The growing popularity of the Charbray breed shone in Rockhampton on Wednesday for the national sale, with bull prices reaching a top of $26,000 and an average of $7186 for an 87 per cent clearance through the ring.

Fetching this year's top price of $26,000 was 25-month-old dehorned bull Wattlebray Navman, offered by Trevor and Lolita Ford, Wattlebray Charbrays, Chinchilla and bought by Chas and Judy Nobbs' Cordelia Brahman and Charbray Stud, Bauhinia.

The son of Huntington Lovell from Wattlebray 450/5 weighed in at 890kg with P8 and rib fat of 13mm and 12mm, an eye muscle area of 138 sq cm and a 45cm scrotal circumference.

The Wattlebray draft averaged $7807, selling 13 out of 15 bulls. Wattlebray Charbrays also sold the 2018 top price $24,000 bull.

Mr Ford said they were very proud of their results and to see Wattlebray Navman get the top money.

"He was a good bull but we probably didn't expect it given the seasonal conditions at the moment," he said.
"He's going to a good home with Chas and Judy Nobbs, we look forward to seeing his progeny at their sale in Moura in years to come."

Mr Ford said the overall results of the sale were also very pleasing.

"It shows the breed's going in the right direction," he said.

"The breed needs to do well for individual studs to do well."

The second top price of the day was $14,000 for Greenfields Noah (P), offered by Les and Anne Marshall, Greenfields Charbrays, Jambin and bought by Angus Carter and Caroline Green, Jaccondoll, Barcaldine.

The 21-month-old son of Greenfields Harry from Greenfields 10-761 weighed 806kg with P8 and rib fat of 9mm and 6mm, a 125 sq cm EMA and a 39cm scrotal circumference.

Charbray Society of Australia's newly appointed president Matt Welsh said he was pleased with the results of this year's sale.

"From a breeder and a breed society perspective it was a very solid result," he said.

"There was good commercial support but also seedstock operators there looking for that bull that's going to drive them to the next level.

"It has been a tight year and to have that confidence in the breed is really great."

Mr Welsh said the growing consistency in the Charbray breed was on display in the sale ring and it was reflected in what buyers were willing to pay.

"We're getting more and more consistency in the Charbray cattle and the phenotype of the animal," he said.


2019 Malanda Show

Congratulations Amboss Charbrays Showing "Amboss Elsie"

First in her class under 24 Months
Champion Senior Tropical Breeds
2019 Atherton Show
First in her class at under 24 months
Champion Juinor Female
Grand Champion Female Bos Indicus
2019 Townsville Show
Third for Heifer under 21 Months Interbreed

Amboss Charbrays - 2019 Malanda Show.


Amboss Charbrays - 2019 Malanda Show.

Congratulations Zeimer Family, Cedar Park Charbrays  


2019 Mt Larcom Show

Congratulations Zeimer Family, Cedar Park Charbrays  

Class Winner

Cedar Park Charbrays - 2019 Mt Larcom Show.


Cedar Park Charbrays - 2019 Mt Larcom Show.

Congratulations Zeimer Family, Cedar Park Charbrays  


2019 Chinchilla Show

Wattlebray Charbrays in the winner’s circle – Congratulations

Wattlebray Power Star: Reserve Junior Male
Wattlebray Navman: Senior Champion Male
Wattlebray Maxwell: Reserve Senior Male
Wattlebray Nina: Junior Champion Female
Wattlebray Maddie: Senior, Grand & Supreme Champion Female
1st Interbreed Breeders Group

Wattlebray Charbrays Ribbons - 2019 Chinchilla Show.

Congratulations to Wattlebray Charbrays


2019  Miles Show

Congratulations Wattlebray Charbrays, the Ford Family

Wattlebray Maxwell: Senior Champion Male.
Wattlebray Maddie: Senior & Grand Champion Female.


Wattlebray Charbrays - 2019 Miles Show.


Ford Family, Wattlebray Charbrays - 2019 Miles Show.


Ford Family, Wattlebray Charbrays - 2019 Miles Show.



2019 Callide Valley Show

Congratulations to the Zeimer Family, Cedar Park Charbrays.


Zeimer Family, Cedar Park Charbrays - 2019 Callide Valley Show.

Congratulations to the Zeimer Family, Cedar Park Charbrays.


2019 Wandoan Show Carcass Competitionon

Congratulations Greg & Kel Kelly Juandah Charbrays, Guluguba Qld

From 25 pens / 98 individual carcasses
Juandah Charbray’s
Tied 1st in the Pen of 3,100 grain fed
Winner Champion Steer carcass
Average weight gain was 2.9kg per day.

Greg & Kel Kelly, Juandah Charbrays, Guluguba Qld - 2019 Wandoan Show Carcass Competition.

Congratulations Greg & Kel Kelly, Juandah Charbrays, Guluguba Qld


2019 Dalby Show and Interbreed Futurity

Congratulations to the Ford Family Wattlebray Charbrays

Junior Champion Female Wattlebray Pandora.
Junior Champion Male Wattlebray Night Rider
Reserve Junior Champion Wattlebray Nina.
Supreme Champion Female Wattlebray Maddie.
Reserve Junior Bull Wattlebray Parker.
1st Interbreed Pair of Bulls.
2nd Interbreed Pair of Females.
1st Interbreed Breeders Group.

Junior Paraders:

Samuel 1st in under 12 years.
Liam 3rd in 12-15 years.
Chloe !st and Daniel 2nd 15-25 years.
Chloe beaten by Samuel for Overall Champion Parader!!!!!
Chloe 3rd in the Junior Judging.

2019 Dalby Show - Wattlebray Charbrays.


2019 Dalby Show - Wattlebray Charbrays.


2019 Dalby Show - Wattlebray Charbrays.


2019 Dalby Show - Wattlebray Charbrays.


Monto Charbray Feature 10th April 2019

Monto Cattle and Country’s Annual Charbray Feature sale goes from strength to strength with 862 Charbray and Charbray infused cattle yarded @ Monto saleyards with a total yarding of 1672 head. Numbers increased in all yards over Queensland this week which did put some pressure on prices particularly smaller plainer heifers.

The 2019 Champion pen of steers was won by Will and Susan Appleton “Native Bee” Clermont which also won Best pen of weaner steers and sold to 300c/kg with an average weight of 309kgs to return $929. Reserve champion steers were won by Harold and Pam Dwyer with their weaner steers 320kgs selling to 291c/kg or $933.

Barry and Carol Whitaker won champion steers 10-18mths with HGP treated steers 353kgs to realise 275c/kg or $970. Monto Grazier Steve Pailthorpe won Best pen of steers 18mths and over, sold to 289c/kg and averaged 435kgs to return $1258. Paul and Monica Lobegeier’s Charbray bullocks took out the Prime class to return $1605 or 289c/kg. Harold and Pam Dwyer, Biggenden sold Charbray weaners from their Cracow property “Boughyard” and won best pen of weaner heifers, Champion Pen of females & also Reserve champion pen of females with the quality heifers selling to 231c/kg or $702.

Les and Anne Marshall “Greenfields stud” on best pen of heifers 10-18mths which sold to 240c/kg or $817. Heifers 18mths and over was won by The Gooding Family “Marlegoo” stud, Goovigen which sold to 242c/kg or $890. DA and RW Brown “Wallon” Banana won Charbray prime females with quality No 7 heifers 472kgs which sold to 276c/kg or $1305.

The Charbray section was judged by the astute eye of Bevan Radel “Kandoona Brahmans” Taroom and Injune.
Brad and Donna would like to thank The Charbray society for supporting Monto Cattle and Country and all their wonderful staff in presenting the cattle so well. Also a big thanks to all the sponsors, vendors and buyers.

2019 Monto Cattle and Country Annual Charbray Feature sale .

Yarding at the 2019 Monto Cattle and Country Annual Charbray Feature sale



2019 Kilcoy Show & Carcass Challenge

Diamond L were super proud to announce their recent results from the Kilcoy Show and Carcass Challenge. From 8 head including 1 pair show results were 3 firsts, 2 seconds and 1 third. These cattle received a Reserve Champion steer section and crowned Champion Grain Fed Heifer. 4 head sold on the day averaged over $2,200/hd. Fast forward to the carcass side of the competition. In a history making moment, Diamond L took first place in the heifer section and first place in a three way tie in the steer section. Something never achieved by a breeder in the same year. This is a true testament to our cattle. Congrats to the organisers and other competitors in this event. Bulls available for sale year round.

Diamond L at the Kilcoy Show and Carcass Challenge.

Congratulations Diamond L Charbrays, Greg & Tracey Lee



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